Grant Stories

The English Family Foundation is extremely proud of the organisations we partner with. Each of these organisations strive to enrich the social fibre of our society, particularly within disadvantaged communities. They are truly inspirational.


An important part of our philosophy is to actively promote philanthropy. We are proud to share these stories of our partner organisations, and we hope you find them inspirational too.

Good Return

  • Good Return, an Australian Aid agency established in 2003, works in the Asia-Pacific region with a mandate to support economic empowerment for the poor through the delivery of responsible finance and the development of consumer empowerment. They work in partnership with low-income households, financial service providers, national microfinance associations and financial regulators to achieve their mission. A team of 22 program specialists lead their work in consumer protection, financial capability development and consumer empowerment, and agricultural solutions for smallholder farmers. Good Return is proud to be one of the leading supporters of financial inclusion across the Asia Pacific region.

    We have provided funding to enable the Good Return team to provide targeted capacity building, advice and guidance to the National Bank of Cambodia to develop its own National Strategy for Financial Capability and Consumer Protection, as well as design and co-create a National Consumer Campaign.
    Visit the Good Return website

WRA - Library For All

  • Library For All (LFA) was founded because 250 million children across the developing world are not achieving the basics of literacy and numeracy, even after 4 years at school. Library For All is committed to unlocking knowledge and opportunities for those in developing countries with limited access to educational materials. Their mission is to provide tools for individuals to learn, dream and inspire to lift themselves out of poverty. Flowing directly from their mission, they have built a digital library application that enables the delivery of ebooks to people living in developing countries, at a much lower cost than building physical libraries. Their goal is to reach 5 million students in 5 years with access to relevant educational content on low-cost devices.

    The Foundation supported LFA through the World Relief Australia to build their technical and operational capacity as they work towards reaching their goal of providing their Library application to 30,000 students across Haiti and to pilot in Rwanda.

    Visit the LFA website

Engineers Without Borders

  • Engineers Without Borders Australia (EWB) is a member-based not-for-profit organisation with 10 years experience in creating systemic change through humanitarian engineering. They do this by working in partnership to address a lack of access to basic human needs such as clean water, sanitation and hygiene, energy, basic infrastructure, waste systems, information communication technology and engineering education. EWB also educates and trains Australian students, engineers and the wider community on issues including sustainable development, appropriate technology, poverty and the power of humanitarian engineering. 

    The Foundation has supported numerous projects within EWB’s global development programs, including their International Program Delivery Model within Timor Leste. This program aims to improve the professional skills, capacity, accountability and practical competencies of selected in-country partners.

    Visit the EWB website