Welcome to the English Family Foundation

Our vision is to support transformational change in our world through the growth and development of social entrepreneurs and social businesses. We are interested in people and organisations creating change here within Australia or in those developing South East Asian countries who are our closest neighbours. We call these people “social enterprise changemakers”. We are passionate about driving transformational change in our world through supportive partnerships with social changemakers and the organisations behind them. In particular we are now focussed on supporting enterprises along their pathway to impact investment.

Our mission is to support and partner with social enterprise changemakers who:

  • are working to bring transformative change to the lives of those within their communities, and
  • are progressing to or have reached the stage where their organisation is ready for impact investment 
  • are using scalable, sustainable and measurable business models for delivering community benefit through social enterprises or social businesses;
  • are strong leaders who understand the needs of the communities they seek to transform and are prepared to walk with us on a journey of shared learning and engagement, potentially over an extended period of time.

We are constantly inspired by our partners and want to inspire others to join us in providing vital support for these changemakers.


Our core priorities are reflected in our grantmaking programs: