Global giving

Our focus

Under this program, the EFF is seeking to partner with organisations that are creating grassroots, community-driven, people-focused social business or entrepreneurial solutions in tandem with one or more local partner agencies.

Applications can only be accepted from Australia-based organisations with Item 1 DGR and TCC endorsement and able to distribute funds internationally. The EFF is specifically and only interested in social businesses working in the South East Asia region, particularly with our closest neighbours, which are attempting to address inequities and gaps in the areas of enterprise development, employment pathways, job creation and self generated independence.


The EFF will consider applications for any demonstrable need, including operational or infrastructure support, where it is clear that the EFF’s funding will make a tangible and measureable difference to the quality of life and welfare of the individuals and communities involved.

However when considering if you are eligible for this program please note you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. You must either be an Australian-based organisation with Item 1 DGR and TCC endorsement or be in partnership with an Australian DGR1 organisation (who must be the initiating organisation on the application)

2. You must be working within the South East Asia region

Timing and available funding
This grant program is considered throughout the year at the discretion of the EFF Board. We consider one-off or multi-year requests. Generally requests will be considered for grants up to $50,000, with applications up to $100,000 considered in special cases. If you have any questions please feel free to discuss with us through Contact Us.

Application Process

1. Applications for support may be made at any time throughout the year via our online Expression of Interest (EOI) form. We request that applicants complete each section of the form as incomplete forms will not be considered. Please attach all relevant supporting documents including evidence of your TCC and DGR1 status.
2. Once you have submitted your EOI, the EFF will contact you by telephone within 21 working days to discuss it and, where relevant, arrange a meeting or site visit.
3. You may then be invited to provide more detailed information at the request of the EFF. Or, you may be advised that your application will not proceed any further.
4. All applicants that progress beyond the initial EOI application stage will be notified of the outcome of their application within seven working days of the relevant board meeting.