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Please note: Due to the current high volume of longer term funding commitments the Foundation will not be accepting new applications for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to still contact us if you wish to discuss a particular enterprise in the meantime.

The grantmaking principles of the EFF reflects the strong, personal values and beliefs of our Founder and Chair, Allan English. 

This approach enables us to determine if a potential grant recipient is a strong fit within the EFF values, philosophy and philanthropic vision.  We strongly believe that applying these principles we can considerably increase the impact and community benefit of our grantmaking. We know that your time is precious and so we would like to share with you our principles so that you can reflect and present your grant application in a way that helps us see and understand the potential and impact if your grant was successful.

Grantmaking principles

There are two areas that provide clarity of thinking and decision making for us when it comes to considering grants and our partnerships - Depth and Span. We ask that you consider the following when the Expression of Interest form:


When you chose to enter the community sector your motivations were to make a difference. When you consider your grant application please outline the depth of change that your enterprise will bring about. By this we mean what is transformed from your project or enterprise? What impact is felt beyond the impact on the recipient/participant? This could be about the individual, family or a marginalised community.
An example: Micro finance
A woman in a developing country receives a $200 loan to start a small business which gets paid in 6 months. Women in developing countries are often marginalised and discriminated. The depth of this grant/loan is significant - it will enable self-employment and increased self-esteem by allowing her to work her way out of poverty. She now has the ability to rely on her own personal resources to take control of her life’s destiny. 
The depth is not just to the individual transformation, there is also the impact on the family. Additional income means all of the children are now attending school. This access to education results in a depth of impact from the grant on the next generation and their self-belief and increased life potential. The depth of impact also flows through to the local village community as there is amplified economic activity and more money spent with other local businesses.


The span defines the measurable wider impact on the community; it is the ability to leverage other funders and to replicate and share the depth of the impact to maximise benefits across multiple communities and possibly generations.

An example: Micro finance
Micro finance clients have a proven 98% repayment rate which in practical terms translates into grant funds being repaid and recycled every 6 months to help another person. This means that one initial grant will continue to fund future loans for many years to come. The span impact is doubled when local banks provide matching loans for each dollar donated and can be easily measured and understood. 

Getting started

We look forward to reading your grant application. We hope that by taking the time to think about the depth of transformational impact your work is doing will be a moment to refresh your personal drive and energy. Outlining the span aspect will help us understand the level of impact your social enterprise or organisation is having on your community. Thank you for investing your time to understand the grantmaking rigour of the English Family Foundation.

Applications for support may be made at any time throughout the year via our three-step process:


Applications can only be received from organisations holding Australian DGR1 status. Before applying for a grant, please familiarise yourself with our priorities and the detail of the application process within each of our grant programs:            

The EFF board meets throughout the year and we endeavour to process EOIs and submissions as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this web site, please complete the Contact Us form.