Allan English named as Australia's top philanthropist

Congratulations to our Philanthropy Summit 2015 speaker, Queensland entrepreneur and corporate philanthropist Allan English, who was named the 2014 inaugural Philanthropy Leader of the Year at the Philanthropy Australia conference in Melbourne this week. Allan toured New Zealand in March talking about his personal philanthropic journey; he'll be taking part in workshops at the Summit on corporate philanthropy and social enterprise. Read more...

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Allan English: Innovation is the only way forward

Philanthropy, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, impact investing – Silver Chef’s Allan English has his fingers in a lot of pies, and the results are proving fruitful.

Allan English is the director of the English Family Foundation, founder and chairman of Silver Chef, Ltd., a non-executive director of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and chairman of The Funding Network. Here, he is in conversation with Frankie Airey, director of management consulting firm, Philanthropy Squared.

FRANKIE: I’m hearing a lot of new language about the crossover between traditional philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. You do all three, so I’d like to hear from you about what you see as the difference between them and the impacts you’d like to see.

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Giving a reason to create wealth

Discovering the joy of giving motivated Allan English to return to work and create more wealth to give away. Greg Johnson recounts the successful businessman’s  journey  to  creating  a  $20 million private ancillary fund.

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Giving a reason to create wealth Giving a reason to create wealth (131 KB)

(Greg Johnson is a journalist with Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine)

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