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Allan English, Founder and CEO of ASX-listed hospitality equipment company, Silver Chef, gives TFN Talks some fascinating insights into the philosophy that has seen him become one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs whilst being named Philanthropy Australia’s inaugural Philanthropy Leader of the Year.

Allan explains how philanthropy has become a central part of his life following his study of practical philosophy over many years. It has given him a sense of purpose, a change in perspective and great optimism for the future.

Allan’s infectious enthusiasm will make you look at money-making in a new and exciting way.

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Allan English: Innovation is the only way forward

Philanthropy, microfinance, social entrepreneurship, impact investing – Silver Chef’s Allan English has his fingers in a lot of pies, and the results are proving fruitful.

Allan English is the director of the English Family Foundation, founder and chairman of Silver Chef, Ltd., a non-executive director of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and chairman of The Funding Network. Here, he is in conversation with Frankie Airey, director of management consulting firm, Philanthropy Squared.

FRANKIE: I’m hearing a lot of new language about the crossover between traditional philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. You do all three, so I’d like to hear from you about what you see as the difference between them and the impacts you’d like to see.

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Interview with Allan English and The Funding Network

We'd like to share our thought-provoking interview with Allan English, Chairman of The Funding Network (TFN) and Founder / Non-Executive Chairman of Silver Chef Limited.

The first Melbourne TFN event took place on June 3rd. With matching funding from Creative Partnerships Australia, over $80,000 was raised in a single night for 4 fantastic arts intervention projects. The next event is in Sydney on June 26th and once again funds raised will be matched by CPA, so check out

With the emergence of a new player like TFN we thought it was high time to discuss the changing forces on the Non Profit sector, how to illuminate the joys of giving, and the importance of organisational values. Have a read at

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