Innovative health clinic recognised by Telstra Business Awards

A business solution to a long term entrenched problem in the health system has been recognised by the Telstra Business Awards with the announcement of World Wellness Group, a multicultural health social enterprise, as the winner in the inaugural charity category in Queensland. World Wellness Group (WWG), the brain-child of a group of health workers, established the World Wellness Community Clinic in Stones Corner, Brisbane, following a successful crowd funding campaign in 2013 in response to growing issues of health care access for marginalised groups related to access, affordability, and appropriateness. Rather than watching the gap in equity in health care get bigger and bigger, they developed an innovative model that channels funds to the most vulnerable who cannot get appropriate health services.

“As a doctor who has worked in refugee health care for over 10 years I was impressed by the innovative model developed by WWG when I joined the board” said Dr Megan Evans. “As far as I am aware no other health care service in Australia has tackled the specific issues in primary health care for socially disadvantaged groups with complex health needs the way WWG has by developing an independent business model to fund clinical services. For example, WWG provides corporate wellness services to fund essential primary health care and traditional medicine services for marginalised migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.”

The World Wellness Community Clinic has provided health and wellbeing services to over 2,500 patients since it opened in 2014 and has worked with some of the most disadvantaged people in the community. One of the clinic’s GPs, Dr Arash Ahmadi, who has provided medical services to many patients from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds said “I see many clients at the clinic who don’t know where to go for help, the clinic is more than just a health clinic, it is wonderful to be part of a clinic that provides compassion as well as practical support and makes a real difference to people’s lives”.

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