Top 21 2017 Great Leaders by the Australian Financial Review

Allan was recently awarded the status of one of the top 21 2017 Great Leaders by the Australian Financial Review.

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Innovate for impact: Philanthropy NZ Summit 2017

Philanthropy New Zealand’s 2017 Summit took a deep dive into two of philanthropy’s hottest topics: innovation and impact. Among the highlights were Allan and Rachel English who shared their generational perspectives and Mark Randazzo from Engaged Donors for Global Equity.

At the recent Philanthropy New Zealand Innovate for Impact Summit, Allan English from the English Family Foundation encouraged funders to be more innovative and collaborative and called on governments to do more to enable innovation. English acknowledged that while government plays an important role in the community sector, it needs to step into the space to change the rules to enable innovation to take place.

“If we are going to bring about the changes we need to see in society, philanthropy can’t just be in the space of cleaning up the mess,” English said. “We have to be on the front foot to start bringing about the changes that are needed.”

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The Funding Network Australia

Allan English, Founder and CEO of ASX-listed hospitality equipment company, Silver Chef, gives TFN Talks some fascinating insights into the philosophy that has seen him become one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs whilst being named Philanthropy Australia’s inaugural Philanthropy Leader of the Year.

Allan explains how philanthropy has become a central part of his life following his study of practical philosophy over many years. It has given him a sense of purpose, a change in perspective and great optimism for the future.

Allan’s infectious enthusiasm will make you look at money-making in a new and exciting way.

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