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Allan English, Founder and CEO of ASX-listed hospitality equipment company, Silver Chef, gives TFN Talks some fascinating insights into the philosophy that has seen him become one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs whilst being named Philanthropy Australia’s inaugural Philanthropy Leader of the Year.

Allan explains how philanthropy has become a central part of his life following his study of practical philosophy over many years. It has given him a sense of purpose, a change in perspective and great optimism for the future.

Allan’s infectious enthusiasm will make you look at money-making in a new and exciting way.

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Winners announced - Social Enterprise Awards 2016

Eight of Australia’s best social enterprises have been named as winners at this year’s Social Enterprise Awards.

Adjudicated as the best applicants across eight categories, the winners were announced at the Social Enterprise Awards ceremony last night. Selected by an independent panel of judges from a finalist pool of 26 social enterprises, each of the winners will attend and participate in the Social Enterprise World Forum hosted in September 2017 in Christchurch NZ.

Managing Director of Social Traders, David Brookes said the winners highlighted the opportunity for social enterprise to play a leadership role in strengthening Australian communities.

“Increasingly we’re seeing social enterprises playing prominent roles in providing employment and training opportunities for those most marginalised in society, as well as providing community solutions where the market has failed. These winners represent the innovative nature of social enterprise at finding new ways to solve old problems.”

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Collective spirit: English Family Foundation and the Social Enterprise Design Challenge

Is collective giving the new black? At the English Family Foundation we are very excited about the growth in this movement which brings people together for a shared purpose. 

Collective giving taps into our basic human need to be part of a community by allowing all people to participate more meaningfully in that community. It democratises giving and opens it up to everyone, regardless of the amount of time or money given. 

Within the English Family Foundation, collective giving resonates for us on two fundamental levels: firstly as an innovative medium to grow giving in Australia, and secondly as an enabler to create leverage. The latter means that, collectively, we can create and accelerate more positive social outcomes than we could by ourselves.

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