Grant Stories

The English Family Foundation is extremely proud of the organisations we partner with. Each of these organisations strive to enrich the social fibre of our society, particularly within disadvantaged communities. They are truly inspirational.


An important part of our philosophy is to actively promote philanthropy. We are proud to share these stories of our partner organisations, and we hope you find them inspirational too.

Opportunity International

  • Allan is a member of the Opportunity International Council and an Ambassador

  • Opportunity International Australia provides small loans to families in developing countries to help them start a business, earn an income and leave poverty behind. By helping a mother buy a sewing machine to start a tailoring business or a father buy seeds to plant a vegetable garden, small loans enable them to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.


    Opportunity provides small loans of an average size of $200 to micro entrepreneurs in developing countries. 91% of loan recipients are women, and they achieve a remarkable 98% repayment rate. The loans are repaid in 6 months and then lent to a new entrepreneur to start a small business and work themselves out of poverty. Through Opportunity the Foundation has made a 10 year funding commitment to fund 1 million people out of poverty in India.


    Visit the Opportunity International website


  • Karuna helps people deal with loss in ways that transform and enrich lives. Karuna offers a strength based model of care to:
    - Minimize fear and pain for people who are dealing with the loss of life
    - Transform the way society and individuals think about and experience death
    - Help people accept the transient nature of life and use it as a catalyst to make it more meaningful

    Karuna’s services are linked to the times in life when people are most likely to be seeking answers and care either for themselves or others. These include situations where lives are limited by illness, when facing death or dying, when grieving and when seeking meaning in life.


    The Foundation has assisted Karuna with its strategic planning and execution process for its business plan and online education program. Allan is a current Board member.


    Visit the Karuna website