Grant Stories

The English Family Foundation is extremely proud of the organisations we partner with. Each of these organisations strive to enrich the social fibre of our society, particularly within disadvantaged communities. They are truly inspirational.


An important part of our philosophy is to actively promote philanthropy. We are proud to share these stories of our partner organisations, and we hope you find them inspirational too.

SVA - The Funding Network

  • Social Ventures Australia (SVA) was established in 2002 and invests in social change by helping increase the impact and build the sustainability of those in the social sector. The Funding Network (TFN) is a project that is incubated by SVA. TFN is a new way to raise funds for innovative social change through collaborative giving; it celebrates the little contributions that, together, facilitate big change through projects that can radically improve people’s lives. TFN organises events that bring together a group of members, guests and social entrepreneurs who meet in a fun, casual atmosphere, often hosted by a corporate supporter. Four social change projects are “pitched” to the group and those present have the opportunity to join forces with other like-minded people and donate openly.


    The Foundation is a Pilot Funder of TFN and Allan English is the Chairman. 

    Visit the Social Ventures Australia website
    Visit The Funding Network website


  • Yalari was established to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional,rural and remote communities to bring about generational change. They do this by giving Indigenous children the opportunity for a first class education through full boarding scholarships at some of the highest achieving boarding schools in Australia. Education is a great investment to develop future leaders within the Indigenous communiites. Yalari, from the Birri Gubba Indigenous language group means “child”. It is the name Waverley Stanley, as the Founding Director, has been given permission to use by Grandfather “Blokey” Wilson.


    Since June 2012 the Foundation has contributed towards the operation of the Post-School Program and, in particular, the work of the full-time Careers & Employment Manager in assisting Yalari scholars in their transition from secondary school to full employment.


    Visit the Yalari website


  • SunnyKids is a children’s charity at the forefront of supplying integrated community services in response to key issues facing at-risk children and families since 1999. SunnyKids aims to break the intergenerational cycles of poverty and disadvantage, providing the hope and resilience to move forward, both as individuals and as a society. Their focus is on three program areas providing a crisis accommodation centre for children and families experiencing domestic violence, SunnyKids in Schools - SKIS, and Read2Remember, a wellbeing and literacy program delivered in schools across Australia.


    Since June 2012 the Foundation has contributed to the SKIS programs - SunnyKids in Schools program. This integrated program aims to break the social, emotional and classroom barriers to learning and engagement for at-risk students at numerous state schools. The Foundation has also previously funded external consultants to assist with their business plans and a hot dog stand used for fundraising events.

    Visit the Sunnykids website