Grant Stories

The English Family Foundation is extremely proud of the organisations we partner with. Each of these organisations strive to enrich the social fibre of our society, particularly within disadvantaged communities. They are truly inspirational.


An important part of our philosophy is to actively promote philanthropy. We are proud to share these stories of our partner organisations, and we hope you find them inspirational too.

New Stars Association

  • New Stars Basketball Association is a dynamic and nimble organisation running programs in response to the needs of young people in the south east region of Melbourne, in particular those who are new migrants. Education, community engagement and individual mentoring are key to empowering these young people to flourish. New Stars’ programs include daily before and after school tutoring for over 350 young people run in association with basketball training. The ‘no pass, no play’ policy ensures students meet their educational goals as well as their sporting ones.

    The Foundation has contributed towards the New Stars Tutoring and Coaching program which provides tutors to run the after and before school homework groups and coaches to assist with all levels of coaching.

Open Minds

  • Open Minds has been established to support people with mental illness, disability or acquired brain injury to live independently and well within their community. They currently support 800 men and women through a variety of community programs including: lifestyle and residential support programs, outreach, mentoring, planning and rehabilitation support and to assist participants to find and sustain suitable employment. Open Minds is there when people are in need, regardless of who they are or their circumstances. Their compassionate support teams provide relief to people in despair and provide care when it's needed most.


    The Foundation has supported the Do It Club, which is based on the strength of peers supporting peers, to inspire and enable their clients to make their own decisions and implement them. The program offers a range of activities and workshops to empower individuals and increase their skills, ability and quality of life.


    Visit the Open Minds website

Eating Disorders Association

  • Image by Beth Mitchell, Photographer

  • The English Family Foundation - Eating Disorders Association The mission of Eating Disorders Association (EDA) is to improve intervention, education and support for all people affected by Eating Disorders in Queensland, and to work towards the prevention and elimination of these disorders in society. The EDA believes that eating disorders are complex multi-faceted illnesses, which require a multi-dimensional approach to care and support with all sufferers and families being treated with dignity and compassion. They believe in the acceptance of all body types and sizes and the value of people as whole beings.

    The EDA also provides tailored workshops for positive body image and eating disorders to schools, universities, health professionals and the community. The Foundation has provided funding to enable EDA to update and republish their information booklet about eating disorders which helps people understand eating disorders, the signs, symptoms and treatments available. 

    Visit the EDA website